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Your one-stop
Roofing solution

Build your awesome home/office place from
scratch the right way! We use advanced
technology in JP Industres products that work!

Your one-stop
Roofing solution

Build your awesome home/office place from
scratch the right way! We use advanced
technology in JP Industres products that work!

Welcome to JP Industries

JP industries provide you with roofing solutions that will help meet your commercial, residential, and industrial requirements. Roofing sheets are used extensively throughout the country for stadiums, power plants, schools, factories, rural and urban houses.

We are the leading roofing sheet manufacturers who aim to manufacture the best quality of roofing sheets. We manufacture superior quality sheets, which are easy and lightweight. All the structures are built with ribbed steel panels. Our robust team is working relentlessly to design and manufacture the roofing sheets with a superb-looking finish.

At jp industries we understand the constant need of the market. Accordingly, we offer a complete solution from product design to installation. It is cost-effective, leak-proof, and has barely any chance to have wear and tear. Additionally, it gives an aesthetic look to your building/office space/industrial space.

We design the roofing sheet manufactured in a simple layout to be modified and manipulated according to the customer’s specifications. We are providing the best roofing sheets in India, which are eco-friendly and affordable

Our Products

Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, and Tin are commonly used in metal roofing sheets. Metal roofing sheets have excellent insulating properties and can make backyards, garden structures, garages, home cladding, and industrial roofs.  

Roofing accessories are essential components that complete your roof keeping it safe from external factors. It helps you keep out rain, channel water flow, and maintain the structure’s structural integrity.

Benefits of Using Our Products

Unmatched Strength

JP Industries products have the “Double Layered Granular Coating” with various wrinkle effects. Additionally, these sheets have an excellent scratch-resistant property and are highly flexible.

Anti-Fading Colours

JP Industries roofing sheets have a special finish colour coating that is fade resistant. Moreover, the composition improves the compactness and the flexibility of the layer. 


JP Industries products have superior power that can bear all-natural hazards to their maximum level.

jp industries Cool Roof

Cool Roof

All our products have an excellent chemical coating to ensure it ultimately reflects sunlight. Therefore, the temperature will be comfortable even in hot and humid weather.

Easy to install

Easy to Install

JP Industries products can be installed quickly with less workforce. Rest assured, you will get the best and affordable services whenever you need them.


Years Of Experience


Order Executed


Happy Customers


Roofing sheets are available in a wide variety of colours that can be implemented to various design options. 

  • Hail-resistant.
  • Non-combustible
  • Will not absorb or get damaged by water.
  • It will shed water and ice in the winter.
  • Unmatched performance and durability.

Yes, you can. As it weighs less, it will not overload the existing roofs. It serves as an increased level of insulation.

Roofing sheet offers a wide variety of panel profiles which also provides a vast array of design appearances. J.P industries are providing a large selection of attractive colours to achieve the desired look.

The width of the roofing sheet is standardized to 3 (1/2) ft.

Yes, we can deliver to PAN India. Due to our years of experience in this industry, we can deliver in any part of India.

There is no such limit on minimum order quantity. Foy can order according to your requirement.

With vast knowledge in building roof sheets and accessories, we can provide this facility to you.