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8 Roofing Accessories you Should Consider Now and Forever

“Home, home sweet home.” Seven out of the ten people are familiar with this phrase. Indeed, this phrase carries out the meaning of true comfort and tenderness. Imagine a home without a strong roof above. It’s just like a tree without leaves. A strong roof is always essential to ensure the building’s strength and make it attractive. You need all the roofing accessories to create a leakproof, damage-proof, and durable roof.

So, what roofing accessories should you look for? Let’s dig deeper.

1. Gutters

It’s a trough fixed under the edge roof to provide a water channel. Gutters help to drain precipitation from the roof. Therefore, they are essential in the winter and rainy seasons. Additionally, it prevents any unwanted waterlogging to protect the structure area.

Roofing accessories Gutters
Roofing accessories flashing

2. Flashing

It’s a simple metallic coating placed around the roof edges to prevent further erosion and further water damage. Furthermore, flashing prevents rainwater from entering the structure, and it covers the gaps between the metal roofing sheets. It can even be made custom according to the construction of the building.

3. Foam filler

You need to ensure that the roof is sealing to prevent leakages in the long run. If you are living in a rainy climate, this is ultimately necessary. It is mainly applied in the gaps and screws to prevent water from seeping.

Foam filler

4. Skylights

Skylights are windows that are built directly into a roof’s high slope. Skylights let natural light into the structure and transform the attic into a functional room. These, too, contribute to the overall structure’s elegance and aesthetic appeal.

5. Roofing screws 

To attach more than one object, we generally use a fastener. Screws are a fastener used to fasten objects by drilling into the respective materials. It is made of stainless steel and carbon, generally used for metal, fiberglass, and plastic roofing applications. Roofing screws are widely used for their low maintenance and high durability. There are different sizes of roofing screws available in the market. Additionally, it has corrosion coating, preventing early corrosion due to weather changes. 

Roofing screws
Ventilation systems

6. Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems are essential roofing accessories that keep the roof in good working order by preventing heat and moisture from accumulating in the attic.

7. Roofing shingles ( Jhalar )

It is an Accessory used at the end of the roof sheet to protect from rainwater and as a decorative item.

roof shingles
Butyl tape

8. Butyl tape

Water can get inside the structure of the roof overlaps are left untreated. As a result, securing the overlap of two roofing panels with butyl tape will ensure watertight and sealed. Butyl tape is helpful in areas with a lot of rain or snowfall. 


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